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Facial Services                                   Waxing Services

MIni-Facial                                  46                      Prices Start at:

Deluxe Facial                              75             Bikini                       35         Full Arms        29

Deluxe Facial w/ 30 min Reflexology   98             Underarms            18         Full Legs          58

Manual Microdermabrasion   65              Eyebrows               18         Hairline          12
   & Dermaplaning
(Epidermal Leveling)      Cheeks                    14         Half Arms      23

Dermaplaning add on              25              Chest & Back        1/min    Half Legs       35

Organic Enzyme with Facial    98               Chin                       12          Lip                 14

Express Organic Enzyme         52               Ears                       12          Lip & Chin     23

Glycolic, Lactic or TCA Peels    52               Nostrils                 12

Brow Tint                                    18               

​Lash Tint                                     18               

Brow Tint                                    18           

Body Wraps                                                            Add On - Aromatherapy        12

Detox Wine Body Wrap            95                        Add On - Hand Treatment    18

​Detox Seaweed Hydration       95                        Body Wrap - Series of 3:  $240 

​Herbology Exfoliation Wrap    95

​​​​Ask About Our Customized Facials with enzymes!  Try Cherry Cordial, Dark Chocolate Mint, Blueberry, Lemon Meringue, Cranberry Turnover.   Chat with our Esthetician for more information and options.

Which Body Wrap?

Detox Wine Body Wrap:

Luxurious body treatment utilizing the powerful, anti-oxidant & exfoliating properties of the grape.  The wine wrap removed dead skin cells, deeply hydrates and fades age spots due to over exposure to the sun.

Detox Seaweed Hydration:

Contains sea kelp for metabolic stimulation, blue-green algae to help hydrate & detoxify the body, and rose hip seed oil to nourish, rejuvenate and help heal the skin.  In a moisturizing base of extract of will bark, Aloe Vera oil, vitamin E, lavender oil and a touch of fragrance to lift your spirits.

Herbology Exfoliation Wrap:​

Chinese Herbology exfoliates, smooths & re-texturized your skin for a silky, revitalized finish. 

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