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Facial Services                                   Waxing Services

MIni-Facial                                     46             Prices Start at:

Deluxe Facial                                 75           Bikini                       35        Full Arms        29

Deluxe Facial w/ 30 min Reflexology     98         Underarms            18         Full Legs          58

Manual Microdermabrasion      65           Eyebrows               18         Hairline          12
   & Dermaplaning
(Epidermal Leveling)      Cheeks                   14         Half Arms      23

Dermaplaning add on                 25           Chest & Back        1/min    Half Legs       35

Organic Enzyme with Facial       98            Chin                       12          Lip                 14

Express Organic Enzyme            52            Ears                       12          Lip & Chin     23

Glycolic, Lactic or TCA Peels       52            Nostrils                 12

Brow Tint                                       18               

​Lash Tint                                        18               

Brow Tint                                       18           

Body Wraps                                                         Add On - Aromatherapy        12

Detox Wine Body Wrap               95                  Add On - Hand Treatment    18

​Detox Seaweed Hydration          95                  Body Wrap - Series of 3:  $240 

​Herbology Exfoliation Wrap       95

​​​​Ask About Our Customized Facials with enzymes!   Chat with our Esthetician for more information and options.

Which Body Wrap?

Detox Wine Body Wrap:

Luxurious body treatment utilizing the powerful, anti-oxidant & exfoliating properties of the grape.  The wine wrap removed dead skin cells, deeply hydrates and fades age spots due to over exposure to the sun.

Detox Seaweed Hydration:

Contains sea kelp for metabolic stimulation, blue-green algae to help hydrate & detoxify the body, and rose hip seed oil to nourish, rejuvenate and help heal the skin.  In a moisturizing base of extract of will bark, Aloe Vera oil, vitamin E, lavender oil and a touch of fragrance to lift your spirits.

Herbology Exfoliation Wrap:​

Chinese Herbology exfoliates, smooths & re-texturized your skin for a silky, revitalized finish. 

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